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this is the Surgeon… one of the most fascinating men i ever met.. President of the Russian motorcycle club the Night Wolves.. i interviewed him for a BBC TV series i did about global biker-culture in 2001.. i was due to go back to Russia to DJ at the opening of the Night Wolves’ new compound.. an incredible Mad Max-esque lair they had built from reclaimed scrap metal with 50 foot flame throwers at the gates.. but the party happened to fall on the week the Twin Towers were attacked.. i was warned not to travel as Russian air-space may be closed and i might not be able to get back.. i still hope to meet him again one day.. he’s extraordinary.. he taught me the Russian meaning of sincere.. long story..


‘If you do it for the music, you do it for the music and everything else is secondary. Although that has been hard for me to learn, it is the best and really the only way to live through a life dedicated to the muse. Sometimes I am in a groove and everything is going great… and then I wake up one morning and it’s over. I can’t say why, but it is definitely time for change. This change is not arbitrary or capricious. It is spawned by an underlying sense of what is needed to keep the creative process alive and thriving. Sometimes a smooth process heralds the approach of atrophy or death. So the change must be made, as disruptive as it may be.’   Neil Young – ‘Waging Heavy Peace’




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