joining BBC 6 Music

I’m *delighted* to be able to tell you that I’m joining BBC 6 Music.

I’ll be presenting the all-new Weekend Breakfast Show on Saturdays and Sundays 7am-10am.

The show launches January 5th 2013, and will be broadcast live from Media City in Salford.

For me: Music Is Life. I’m so excited to join a family with such depth and diversity of knowledge, pure passion and ingenuity. I look forward so much to the challenge of creating beautiful new programmes which embody the whole Spirit Of 6 and allow me to explore my passion for arts and culture on some fascinating new radio terrain.

I’d be thrilled to bits if you would join me..


photo by Shaun Bloodworth
Mary Anne Hobbs

  1. Brilliant, should be a great way to start the weekend mornings!

  2. Stoaty said:

    Awesome – since I’m up with the children that is actually the time I listen the most to the radio. With MAH, GP and C Charles Saturdays will be unstoppable!

  3. Rob said:

    Been missing you so so much. Looks like there’ll be no more lie-ins at the weekends next year.

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