1. Hi Mary-Anne,
    Wonderful to have your ever-enthusiastic self back on the airwaves. Awesome to hear Vondelpark…soooo looking forward to their album. And hearing truant on air…well there aren’t many aural joys as special as Burial.
    Question, after your past shows that were strictly new-music/electronic, will you ever find time to do such a show on BBC6?? Those shows have been utterly crucial for spreading that music…and now there again seems a void that only you seem fully understanding of presenting. Your insight and passion for music is without question and I adore your shows. But wow, we need you championing new music as you have these past years. And why??? Because you are the go-to person for this.
    Again, wonderful to hear you on air again and congrats on your great new show.
    best wishes from your locked listener in Christchurch, New Zealand. Chris

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