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mary anne hobbs

I loved to choose birthday gifts for John Peel.

I once found an ancient copper watering-can with a giant rosehead, completely disproportionate in size to the body of the can.. which I thought beautifully represented his nurturing spirit.

I knew that John would get off his train home a couple of stops early to gaze at the supernaturally beautiful sports cars at his local TVR garage. So I called them and asked if I could arrange for him to drive his favourite, a black TVR Tuscan. They delivered the car to his front door with an invitation to put it through it’s paces at Oulton Park.

I’d always consult Sheila, John’s wonderful wife, about these matters.

I gave a lot of thought to a gift for his 65th birthday.. and finally hit on the idea of a neon light with the words ‘Dream Dad’ written in pink neon letters.

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