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Art Is Everywhere with Jeremy Deller

I have two very special shows on the cards to celebrate the Turner Prize on BBC 6 Music this weekend.. Saturday & Sunday 7-10am.

I’m gonna ask all of you listening if you’d like to create piece of art inspired by what you hear on the shows.. that could be musical sounds, lyrics, spoken words or more abstract elements.

You can use any materials you have to hand – oil paint, plasticine, pencils, Play Doh, clothes pegs, bananas, words, sound, old photographs, watercolours, iPad App… whatever’s easy.

My very special guest is brilliant Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy DellerHe’s leading the project, alongside sound artist Mira Calix, artist Gary Hume a Turner Prize nominee, BBC Arts Correspondent Will Gompertz, and Maria Balshaw Director of the Whitworth & Manchester Art Gallery.

A host of fine artists, cartoonists, and record sleeve designers are confirmed to take part:

Pete Fowler

David Bray –

Sophie Ryder

Pete McKee 

John Hobbs –

Hannah Adamaszek –

Angel 41 –

Chin –

Give Up Art –

Emma Gibson

Jack Cole (Dumblove Encounters) –

Cosmo Sarson


Ben Pepper

Leon Hatcher

and.. Jeremy’s Deller muralist Stuart Sam Hughes

All you need to do is simply listen to the show, create a piece of art, Tweet a photograph of it to us @BBC6Music #6MusicMakeArt or email and we’ll build an online gallery as the Weekend Breakfast shows unfold.

This is going to be a lot of fun!!

Art Is Everywhere with Jeremy Deller on BBC Radio 6 Music
Saturday & Sunday 7-10am

Painting by John Hobbs

i just received a huge surprise package.. opened it up to find this incredible painting of John Peel.. a gift from Manchester artist Chin @Popffito on Twitter.. thank you *so* much.. what a beautiful gift.. i will treasure it forever..