1. Malcolm Brown said:

    … and what a ‘classic’ it was too, if I may say so. I long ago gave up on the radio, but today’s broadcast restored my faith in the medium. What made it feel so good was the clear connection between you and the music. As I commented on twitter (green landy 90), the show had integrity… it also had style and was so refreshing. I normally rely on my music students to introduce me to new music these days. I hate the presentational style of both Radio 3 and Classic FM. The presenters know nothing about the music… generally! BBC 6 music was a breath of fresh air and continues to be so, but this afternoon was a delight the like of which I cannot remember in many a long year. Thank you..

    • thank you for your generous and wonderful comments.. and for taking the time and trouble to listen to the show.. i’m very touched by what you’ve said.. there’s one more next week if you can be tempted.. i also host a specialist show on BBC 6 Music that you may enjoy on Wednesdays 12-1am as well as Weekend Breakfast 7-10am.. very many thanka
      warmest wishes

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